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Building a new deck isn’t just a lifestyle improvement it’s a great way to build additional value into your property.  Whether your deck is built off the back or the side of your home it’s a great place to cook outdoor meals, host parties and entertain your guests, or just relax on a hot summer day with a cool drink in your hand.  Your new deck is a home improvement you’ll be able to enjoy for many years.

Why Do You Want To Build A New Deck?

  • Do you want to rebuild an existing deck that is in need or repair?
  • Do you want to build a deck around your above ground pool?
  • Do you want a new area to entertain or host outdoor parties?
  • Do you just want somewhere to relax and enjoy a drink in the sunshine?

Romano Carpentry is owned and operated by Nick Romano a licensed, insured, and experienced construction and home remodeling contractor based out of Baltimore, Maryland and serving all of Baltimore and Anne Arundel Counties. We specialize in designing and building beautiful new decks for our clients.  Whether you want a ground level deck off the back of your home or a new multi-level deck made with Western Red Cedar we will be able to build it for you.

What Type Of Decking Materials Can We Build Your Deck With?

Pressure Treated Pine Decking:  This one of the most popular decking options because of it’s affordability.  Even with more luxurious decking materials the actual frame of the deck is still often built using pressure treated pine, especially if it’s in contact with the ground.  Pressure treated lumber is very resistant to rot and insects and it also withstands moisture very well, not to mention it’s readily available which also makes it one of the most affordable materials.  Pressure treated wood doesn’t necessarily need to be painted either if you like the dark brown, or dark green color variations that it commonly comes in.

Redwood & Cedar Decking: If budget isn’t an issue and you want one of the more elegant looking materials for your deck then redwood or red cedar are great choices. Both of  these western softwoods are highly sought after for their deep rich colors and natural beauty. Both of these species actually contain tannins and oils that help them naturally resist rot, decay and wood boring insects without having to be treated with chemicals.

Ipe Decking:  Also known as Brazilian Walnut or Ironwood Ipe pronounced (Ee-pay) is beautiful looking exotic wood from South America. Ipe is naturally very resistant to rot, abrasion & weather which makes it a good canditate for a deck in our coastal Maryland climate.  Ipe’s great looks and performance don’t come without cost however as it’s more expensive than Cedar.  Ipe is definitely not a budget deck material but we work with it enough that Romano Carpentry can build you an excellent looking Ipe Deck.

Composite Decking:  If you don’t want the maintenance requirements of a wood deck such as regular staining or painting then there are many composite materials on the market that might appeal to you.  Composite decking materials come in a wide variety of styles and colors and they all mimic real wood products very closely.  They are more expensive than traditional wood but they don’t need to be maintained as much as wood deck.  With a composite deck a good power wash once or twice per year is all you really need to do to keep it looking like new.

Things To Consider When Building Your Deck?

#1.  What type of amenities do you want?  Your deck could be as simple as you want or much more complex with many useful amenities.  Some of the more popular “add-ons” are built in seating, built in planters, electrical outlets, maybe you’d like a covered area or some shade by adding a pergola?  The more complex your deck is the more expensive it will be.

#2.  Will you need railings installed?  If your deck is ground level and less than 2 feet in height then railings are usually not a building code requirement.  However if your deck is elevated or is a multi-level deck with incorporated stairs then you’ll require railings.  Railings can be custom made out of wood or for a longer lasting, more durable option we can have handrails made out of aluminum.

#3.  Do you want an area to BBQ?  If you’ll be placing a Barbecue on your deck you might want to create a small “bump out” for the BBQ to reside so it doesn’t take up additional deck or seating space.  You may also want to have to have a natural gas line piped into the deck so you can hook it right up to the Barbecue for convenience.  You may want a small covered pergola over the BBQ bump out so you can comfortably cook in all types of weather.

#4.  Will you be adding a hot tub to your deck?  If you’re adding a hot tub to the deck then you’ll need to have an appropriate pad built to house the hot tub as when filled with water they are quite heavy.  If the deck is ground level it’s simple enough but if your deck is elevated or on a second story a structure to support the hot tub will have to be constructed.  You may also want plumbing close by and you’ll need to have an appropriate electrical upgrade too.

#5.  What about deck lighting?  Deck lighting is important if you want to enjoy your deck when the sun does down and it’s also important for safety too, especially if your deck has stairs.  There are a number of low voltage or LED lighting systems that we can install onto a deck depending on what you need.

Are you ready to meet with us to discuss your deck building project?  We’d love to schedule a consultation with and we’re excited to share our deck construction ideas with you.  Give us a call at (443) 207-3495 or fill out our contact form and we’ll get right back to you.

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Romano Carpentry is a construction and home remodeling contractor based out of Baltimore, Maryland and serving Baltimore and Anne Arundel Counties.  We specialize in home improvement, remodeling, and new construction projects including kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling, basement remodeling, full got and remodel projects, custom carpentry, decks, and windows and doors.

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