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If you need more livable space but don’t have enough property to build a home addition then finishing or remodeling your basement can literally double your square footage.  It doesn’t have to be living space either your basement has a wealth of potential and can be transformed into any type of space you desire!  A playroom for your kids, a recreational or entertainment space, a man cave, a home office or workshop, the possibilities are endless.

Why Do You Want Remodel Or Finish Your Basement?

  • Does your family need more living space?
  • Do you want to build your own man-cave?
  • Do you want a big, beautiful playroom for your kids?
  • Do you want to build an in-law or rental suite for extra income?
  • Have you just moved into a home with an unfinished basement?

Romano Carpentry is a basement remodeling contractor based out of Baltimore, Maryland and serving all of Baltimore County and Anne Arundel County.  We specialize in finishing and remodeling our customers basements into amazing new livable spaces.  Whether you just want to finish off the drywall and flooring in an unfinished space or you want to completely change your basements layout and purpose, we’re excited to share our basement finishing ideas with you.  From the design to final construction we can handle your entire basement project from start to finish leaving you with a beautiful new, modern, usable space.

Basement Finishing Or Basement Remodeling?

While some might think these projects are one and the same, they are actually quite different.  Finishing an unfinished basement usually means the basement is just that, not finished.  You might have exposed studs, concrete slab flooring, and no real layout or plan in place.  Remodeling a basement usually refers to making significant changes to the layout and design of an already finished space.  If your basement is currently unfinished and you want to remodel it, the best time is now as changes to systems like electrical, plumbing, and HVAC, are easier to make when the basement is already stripped down.  Demolition work in a basement can add to the costs of your remodel.

What You Need To Know About Basement Remodeling?

Remodeling or finishing your basement can be a very exciting home improvement project but it can quickly turn into a nightmare if you go into it without a plan in place.  Working with an experienced contractor will help you avoid the problems so you can get a truly wonderful new space for you and your family to enjoy.

#1.  How do you want to use your basement?  With so much available space the basement offers a world of potential.  Do you want a playroom for your kids?  If so, you might want to have soft carpeting, bright and vivid colors, plenty of storage space, and open area for your kids to run around.  Do you want to transform the basement into a suite to earn rental income?  Then you’ll need to frame in walls for a bedroom, a living room, a bathroom, kitchen, laundry facilities, and maybe even a separate entrance.  Do you want to build your own private home theater?  Then you’ll need to have seating, electrical, lighting, and a good sound system installed.

Having a good idea of how you’ll really use your basement space will help you make decisions with regards to the layout and the materials you’ll choose to use.

#2.  Will you be adding a bathroom?  If you’re building a playroom for your kids or a livable suite for a renter or an in-law or family member then you may want to build a new bathroom or remodel an existing one.  If it’s just for kids, then a half-bath is probably all you need (sink and toilet) but if the basement is intended to be living space such as rental or guest accommodations then you probably want a full bathroom with sink, tub/shower, and toilet.  Adding a bathroom into a basement can be easy in some cases where plumbing is close by but it can make the project significantly more expensive if there isn’t any plumbing in place.  Then you’ll also have to have the bathroom framed in, which can take up some of that big open space you’d otherwise have.

#3.  Do you want your basement to be considered “living space”?  Finishing your basement so it’s usable is a little different than finishing it so it’s livable.  There are often different building code requirements for a basement to be considered a living space.  In most cases you’ll need a separate entrance which could involve foundation work.  You’ll also need to have a proper egress window installed in every room that is to be considered a bedroom.  These aren’t hard to install but there are many factors that can affect the cost such as what type of foundation you have, how accessible your property is (outside the egress window) as we’ll need to dig out the window well or entrance, are there gas-lines nearby, and more.

#4.  Does your basement have water damage?  Inspecting your foundation prior to a basement finish or remodel is a good idea.  The last thing you want to do is cover over an existing foundation issue with framing and drywall as it will only increase the costs of repairs further down the road.  Any water leaking or existing water damage needs to be repaired so you don’t experience mold issues and your basement will always have that musty basement smell.

With our professional team giving you expert advice your basement finishing and remodeling choices become much clearer, and easier for you to understand.  Your basement remodeling project becomes fun and exciting when it has a direction, expectations are set, and you see everything coming together and transforming as the days go by.  We love what we do because we’re good at it and we want to build you a beautiful new basement that you’ll fall in love with.  When do you want to get started?

Are you ready to meet with us to discuss your basement finishing or remodeling project?  We’d love to schedule a consultation with and we’re excited to share our basement remodeling ideas with you.  Give us a call at (443) 207-3495 or fill out our contact form and we’ll get right back to you.

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